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Class A SCEC Endorsed Strongroom Door & Frame

Duel Double Yoked XO9 or Manifoil Mark 4 combination locks Glass activated deadlocking relocking devices are provided within the door as standard Overall door thickness of 180mm including a slab section of 100mm combining a lamination of alloy and refractory material to resist oxy acetylene and drill attack Emergency internal release...

Class B SCEC Approved Strongroom Door & Frame

Secured by 5 x 25mm diameter locking bolts on each side of door (total of 10) Overall door thickness of 90mm including fire pan Emergency internal release mechanism fitted as standard Full hard plate protection over all vital areas Locking by LaGarde Digital TL11G lock with 9 volt battery set in dial Security construction and...

Class A High Security Safes

Each model fitted with a standard 2, 3 or 4 drawer filing cabinet Optional supply of Manifoil Mk4 Combination Lock in place of XO9 at an additional cost.

Fire Resisting Class B Filing Cabinets

CMI Security ‘Class B’ Filing Cabinets offer first-class fire and theft protection in the one unit. Secured by La Gard TL11G Digital Lock, the cabinet totally complies with the Federal Government standard for ‘Class B’ fire resisting containers. INTERNAL FITTINGS: Supplied complete with a filing cabinet of appropriate size....