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Firearm Safes

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Rifle Display Safes

Level 1 and 2 Category A, B, C, D Model RDS2-DB Overall size - H 1905mm x W 775mm x D 440mm Weight - 280 kg Rated level 1 and 2, Category A B C and D Top Safe Rifle Section All 3mm body with 6mm door Reinforced with clear 10mm Lexan Internal size - H 1330mm x W 768mm x D 370mm Secured by 5 x 20mm locking bolts on front of door...

Pistol Safes Category H

Model PS1 (68kg) Dual six lever key locks (keyed alike) 3 removable shelves 12mm bolt holes in back and base All 10mm construction to totally comply with government regulations   Model PS2 (49kg) 1 x 6 lever lock 1 removable shelf 12mm bolt holes in back and base All 10mm construction to totally comply with...

Lock-Away 6mm Plate Safes

All 6mm solid steel construction 6-lever pick resistant key lock 4 x 16mm mounting holes provided Heavy welded hinge

Sportsman Rifle Safe

Level 1 and 2 Category A, B, C, D and H H 1530mm x W 615mm x D 500mm 180mm lockable cupboard in top, leaving 1230mm clear space below Secured by 10 x 25mm locking bolts with rack and pinion mechanism and digital locking 4 x 16mm bolt holes in the base Emergency Relocker System Weight - 268kg Colour - Silver Grey Timber racking to...

Sportsman Rifle Safe Level 2 Category A, B, C, D

INTERNAL: All models have timber racking. Model R4C and R7C have 250MM high lockable cupboard BODY: Folded 3mm steel DOOR: 6mm steel plate LOCKING: Dual 6 lever pick resistant jackson key locks mounted on 6mm hard plates BOLTING: 4 X 12MM holes in base   CATEGORY C Self loading rimfire rifles with a magazine capacity of...

Rifle Cabinets Level 1 Category A & B

Model SDS-3 holds 1 to 8 guns Model SDS-2 holds 1 to 6 guns Model SDS-1 holds 1 to 4 guns Colour - dark grey 4 x 12mm holes in base 2mm body with 3mm door all steel construction   CATEGORY A Air Rifles Rimfire Rifles (other than self loading) Shotguns (other than pump action or self loading) Shotgun/Rimfire...